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Daily Workout

December 1st

60 - 90 minutes

Warm Up

-50 Situps
-1:00 Decline Push-up Plank (20”)
-5x6s Front Squat Hold | Rest 5s
• Modify: Dumbbells Front Racked
-1:00 Banded ISO Split Good Morning
-6x6 Lateral Banded Steps (3EW)
-50 Kneeling Rear Leg Lift | Straight Leg
| 25 Repetitions Each Leg


Every Minute For 10 Minutes:
-12 Bar Facing Burpees
-Remaining Time Overhead Snatch Grip
Barbell Hold | Modify: Hold any object
overhead 15-45lbs


For Time: 7 Rounds "Life Styles"
- 7 Power Cleans (Barbell @75-115)
- 24 Double Unders (Modify by "Ghosting" Double Unders with no rope)
- 7 Push Jerks (Barbell @75-115)
Note: Can modify cleans and push jerks using Dumbbells @25-50 Each Hand

Tool Box

Tool Box:
1. Back Squat 1 Rep Every Minute For 10 Minutes
• 10s Pause Bottom Of ALL Squats
• Starting @ 40% 1RM Back Squat
• From the Floor OR Rack
• No Bar = Every minute for 10 minutes
pick something up you can hold,
and squat with it, sit at the bottom
with good posture and then stand up.
Repeat this until 10 minutes has
2. Single Arm Bench Press: 3x8
• 1:1:3:1 | As Heavy As Form Allows
• Modify: Single Arm Floor Press


• Freestanding Handstand: 3:00
- Cumulative Effort | Modify with a
cumulative chest to wall handstand
hold or OH barbell hold (45-75lbs)
• Leaning Lateral Shoulder Flys: 3x10
- 1:1:3:1 | Single Arm | Light Weight